Ravenmeadow Golf Centre will reopen on Wednesday 13th May. We are reopening in line with the Government’s social-distancing advice as well as advice from England Golf. Below are the guidelines for playing at Ravenmeadow Golf Centre until further notice.


Please wash your hands regularly and, where possible, carry an alcohol based hand sanitiser with you to use during your round. 


Please only use your own clubs and ensure that they are cleaned between rounds. 

Golf balls

Please only use your own golf balls and ensure that they are cleaned between rounds.


Please only use your own golf trolley and ensure that only your own equipment is carried on the trolley


We are not currently allowing buggies to be taken out. We will update you when this information changes.


We encourage contactless payment/card payment within the club shop, where possible. We will be cleaning the card machine, till and other desk property at regular intervals.


You are permitted to play with 1 other person, who is a member of your household or someone outside of your household. We are not allowing more than 2 people to play together for the time being, until it is deemed safe to do so by the Government. Please stay 2 metres apart, adhering to the Government's social-distancing guidelines.

If you would like to use the putting green, please ensure that you wait for the pair ahead of you to warm-up before you take your turn.

When you’re out on the course we ask that you do not touch the flags and that they are kept in their position, within the hole.
Please be patient, especially if a pair ahead of you is playing slower than you - we want everyone to enjoy being back on the golf course.

Leaving Ravenmeadow

We ask that all players leave the course and club as soon as possible after their round. Please do not stay in the car park for a chat afterwards and please do use the bins provided, or take rubbish away with you, to keep our club tidy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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